MODEL morphosis/

Shot Gareth Pugh today and it was awesome! Pics up soon. But first, you have to check out the new Versace Model Morphosis from Milan on the New York Times blog... So much fun.


WELL well well/

Milano es finito and Paris is looming with two big ones tomorrow: Gareth Pugh and Rochas.  Cleaning out my hard drive in preparation and came across some images from Oscar de la Renta this season. You want to know the funny thing?  I don't even remember taking them! Fashion week can be scary sometimes.



As tasty a treat to the fashion flock as you can get - Francesco Scognamiglio showed his Spring 2010 collection today and I'm fortunate enough to bring you the feast.  Eat 'em up and smile.



Long day, and tomorrow will be longer. Some photos from Ferre while I try to get some sleep.

GUNS blazing/

Get off the plane and get your guns out! We're in Milan, kid!! 
It's airport / hotel / bang/bang/bang. First Armani, last Prada, and D+G smokin at the ranch in between. Here's a look below:


MAYBE you're in London/

Or maybe you're still in New York, in love with the energy at Marc by Marc Jacobs. I know I am!

Leaving for Milan tomorrow... There's nothing like getting off a plane and opening your eyes to Prada. See you there.