Busy day - but not busy enough to miss a little play time with the Gareth Pugh model-morphosis for The New York Times T moment...


PIECE of the Pie/

Viktor+Rolf showed their opinon on the world's economic situation today by cutting-out and slicing-up their own collection. What can't you live without??  Fortunately, what seemed like would be a somber collection, quickly showed new life. A true comment on our economic outlook - and hopefully this season's retail life!


SITTING on the Walls of Heartache/

THE WARRIORS / by Christophe Decarnin for Balmain


GREY is the english spring/

It def rains in England, but Gareth Pugh's spring collection opened up the Paris season on a ray of sunshine; gorgeous grey clouds shining through with detail and workmanship at an incredible presentation. The Hot hot hot backstage was an understatement of a makeup sauna that was one of the most calm I can remember. Who would have thought..  No complaints, no screaming, just a walk in the rain.