Busy day - but not busy enough to miss a little play time with the Gareth Pugh model-morphosis for The New York Times T moment...


PIECE of the Pie/

Viktor+Rolf showed their opinon on the world's economic situation today by cutting-out and slicing-up their own collection. What can't you live without??  Fortunately, what seemed like would be a somber collection, quickly showed new life. A true comment on our economic outlook - and hopefully this season's retail life!


SITTING on the Walls of Heartache/

THE WARRIORS / by Christophe Decarnin for Balmain


GREY is the english spring/

It def rains in England, but Gareth Pugh's spring collection opened up the Paris season on a ray of sunshine; gorgeous grey clouds shining through with detail and workmanship at an incredible presentation. The Hot hot hot backstage was an understatement of a makeup sauna that was one of the most calm I can remember. Who would have thought..  No complaints, no screaming, just a walk in the rain.


MODEL morphosis/

Shot Gareth Pugh today and it was awesome! Pics up soon. But first, you have to check out the new Versace Model Morphosis from Milan on the New York Times blog... So much fun.


WELL well well/

Milano es finito and Paris is looming with two big ones tomorrow: Gareth Pugh and Rochas.  Cleaning out my hard drive in preparation and came across some images from Oscar de la Renta this season. You want to know the funny thing?  I don't even remember taking them! Fashion week can be scary sometimes.