OH Canada/

Milan is over and a bunch of us were looking for the olympic hockey final after the last show.  Finally though, after no success, we gave in and headed to dinner at the Missoni's - only to find everyone watching it there!  It was Margherita's bday but we when we arrived everyone was huddled together to watch overtime and WOW!  Congrats Canada and HAPPY BDAY MARGHERITA!!!


MAYBE a little too easy/

I'll keep you guessing on the bag post below but think it may be a little too easy. Try this one on for size: This bag's keeper is an artist by trade and once was rumored to have designed her own bag. Who am I?

WOO hoo/

Happy Saturday all! Busy day in Milan but it's time to lighten it up a little and play the Bag Game... Can you guess who owns this pretty satchel? Here's a first hint.. She's everybody's favorite girl.


I'M just sayin/

The first day of Milan, only 3 shows for me and jet lag took its toll early. Let's just say synapses were not firing, nor did lunch or dinner happen. Clearly not my day, but I did manage to take a few decent snaps along the way. Below are a few from Just Cavalli. Check out style.com for Prada and Fendi.


LET Sleeping Dogs Lie/

New York Fashion Week closed last night with the Tommy Hilfiger collection. It was madcap backstage, but that's always the case.

Still, it was a good send-off and as the dust settles I'll be putting up some more images from the collections throughout the week, Tommy included. In the meantime, hope all those who worked their butts off, like Kori [above, at Proenza] can get some rest. And to all you headed [or already in] London, good luck and see you in Milano!


ALWAYS another show/

Yup, the Westminster dog show ended today. Unfortunately, I wasn't there [I can only imagine the backstage] but meet Sadie, this year's winner:

photo:  Barton Silverman/The New York Times


LET'S play a game/

Every day, I see girls come in and out of the backstage and there's one thing they all have in common: handbags.  Big handbags, little handbags, handbags filled to the brim and bags with just a cellphone and lip gloss.  So, I think its about time we play a little game: Guess The Bag!

I put up the photo, you guess who it could belong to.  Today's bag comes from the concrete depths of the Thakoon backstage.  Good luck!

Who's Bag is This?


WHERE to begin?

From Zac to Carolina to Donna to Marc... How's that sound like a day for you? Can't post anything yet, but I can show you another Model-Morph from the New York Times Style blog. This one stars Georgina Stojiljkovic at Diane von Furstenberg. 
Hair by Orlando Pita / Makeup by James Kaliardos.

MILK and honey/

The Altuzarra show last night was shown at the Milk Studios Fashion week collaboration, Milk and Mac, and the beauty team was so sweet it really needed a second look. So, have a peek at the work of Tom Peycheux [makeup] and Laurent Philippon [hair], New York Times style:


RED Hot/

Happy Valentine's Day all!  Here's a little beauty from the Altuzarra show last night... It was my first time seeing his collection and it will not be the last. Hot!Hot!Hot!


MORE Love/

Check out Alana Zimmer in the new model-morphosis from the Richard Chai Love show on the New York Times Magazine Style Blog!! Hair by Kevin Ryan, Makeup by Gucci Westman


Jason really amazes me every season; with each collection he graduates to another level. The backstage scene was chaos [read: long, dark, narrow, and filled with people], but the collection was meticulous and perfect - with feathers sewn into fabric and gold foil and abstract patterns transferred to cloth. It's late, and due to some computer trouble earlier there will be no photos tonight. You're just gonna have to come back and have a look-see tomorrow...! Goodnight friends.


SPREAD the love/

Just after hearing about McQueen, I walked into the Richard Chai Love collection. He knew, but most of the girls and the others around had no idea. The show was fresh and positive, and the plan was to keep it that way. Even as word spread down the lineup, the clothes were that good, that strong. LOVE saved the day.


Thanks for the inspiration over the years. Even when I had to tiptoe around the dressing room [so you wouldn't kick me out] it was always an honor to watch you work and to shoot your collections. -Greg



Ready for fashion week?  Bring a shovel.  And some boots.  And a change of socks.  Oh, and your friend with the car?  Have him wait on the corner - the closest corner. 

This morning while in the studio I just stared out, contemplating how it's all going to go down..  Well, we're gonna find out soon enough.  See you tomorrow, call time 9am.



Here's a little something from the last bit of Spring 2010 Couture before the first wave of Fall/Winter hits: Valentino.
Valentino,Constance JablonksiValentino,Hanne Gaby Odiele
Valentino,Ginta LapinaValentino,Sigrid Agren,Jacquelyn Jablonski
Valentino,Shu PeiValentino,Kasia Struss,Jac
Valentino,Charlotte di CalypsoValentino,Phillip Treacy hat
Valentino,Chanel ImanValentino,Ginta Lapina
Valentino,Siri TollerodValentino,Anastasija Kondratjeva
Valentino,Frida GustavssonValentino,Kamilla Filipcikova
Valentino,Hanne Gaby OdieleValentino,Mirte Maas,Frida Gustavsson
Valentino,Anastasia KuznetsovaValentino,Hanne Gaby Odiele,Jac