WELCOME to Paris!

Well thank you, M. Chirac! Just on the way to Rick Owens, strolling along the Seine and enjoying a beautiful day, but who do I stumble across, former president Jacques Chirac. Everyone smiles on a sunny day in Paris and clearly he is no exception. Today was the exact opposite of yesterday. Things fell in place exactly as they should. Shows moved smoothly, great girls with great energy (still only the first day), and the press helped make sure the right photos were made by the right people. Best bit, we ended with a great dinner. Lets hope this is foresight for the week. Along with M. Chirac are some photos from Balmain and Rick Owens. Enjoy.


BIRD in a car/

Hours in traffic suck, period. But what better way is there to travel in style than with stylish company? Enter Natasha Poly.

I've know this girl since she was about 16 or 17, and today she's more beautiful the ever. Better yet, away from the crowd, she's one of the most talkative and fun to be around.


HOLD on to your hats/

Once again, Pat created vicious makeup at Prada, with some of the new girls crying during the application. This business is tough, but they're in Prada and everyone's watching, so you hear no complaints.

An agent curiously asked me who was opening the show, and if anyone could find her name they were not too be seen. If there's a new girl to be seen, it's usually at this one. Look for their pics on style.com; just click backstage and let me know who's your favorite!


GO Backstage!

Welcome to Go Backstage! This is your ticket to behind-the-scenes images from the biggest and best New York, Milan, and Paris collections. I'm a late-comer to blogging, but there's so much happening that people just don't see. Its about time you came along!