DUTCH treats/

Usually when you think Holland you think flowers and these 3 Dutch beauties are just that. I've known Kim Noorda and Bette Frank [left and center] since they were 15 and just recently met Cato Van Ee. You're probably familiar with the first two veterans but I'm sure we'll see more of Cato these next couple months. Not only did she walk every Russell Marsh show this season, but she chalked up serious runway time in every city we worked! This one's from the NY collection of Obedient Sons + Daughters in September. Enjoy.


DEARLY beloved/

This afternoon after going through 65,000 photos, my computer decided it needed a break and blacked out.  But why wallow?  Nadine Johnson came to my rescue and perked the spirits with Chanel's mobile art preview in Central Park..  This party was a a true pleasure and the installation a must-see if you're in NYC.  Great seeing everyone there - it felt like Paris in New York!  Kisses from Karl.



In case you haven't seen her before [and at this point you must have], meet Sigrid Agren. She opened Karl Lagerfeld and YSL. She's 16, half-Swedish-half-French, and a new darling of the backstage. Always fun and energetic, she's still finding her way and hopefully we'll see her soon her in editorial and advertising. Click below to see my feature of her in the New York Times magazine's Model-Morphosis.


A wonderful collection / a terrifying shoe!

Miucca Prada always goes in another direction and defines expectations. Her collection this season was no exception and really [in my eye], one of the best. The fabrics and constructions were inspiring / the hair, makeup, and casting, impeccable.

The only problem was the shoe. A couple days before the show, the girls had already begun fretting. When a few told me they had been cast in the show, I immediately congratulated them. They each immediately followed, "I just hope I don't fall. The shoes..." They were really beautiful, but the girls were slipping as they stood in the line up. I can only imagine how it looked on the runway and am assuming market will be minus the sock!


Off / the rack

Just wanted to quickly mention how fantastic the Dolce+Gabbana show was this season. From smoking jackets / pajamas to these amazing billowing dresses, the guys really have been riding high the past 3 seasons and this collection was no exception.

And speaking about the season of the shoe, the ones shown here were right on.T hese days when Dominico and Stefano sparkle, they shine.. Also to note, no girl fell when walking the runway in these puppies [see the Prada shoe later on]!



It's over! The shows are done w/ incredible collections from Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, and Miu Miu. People are still talking about Alber's show for Lanvin and can anyone really stop talking about Marc?? Really though Alber makes fashion fun again and its a joy to make photographs at his collections, both mens and womens. All my pics from the last few days are on hold for style.com but they're coming soon! Particularly the new it shirt and photos from the McQueen runway and John Galliano..outstanding!


The IT Shirt

McQueens gift to the models.. Just like the "It Bag"  every season designers give away alittle something to the girls in appreciation for their work, and ofcourse a little publicity.  McQueen is no different but instead of handbags or jewelry, he opts for the T-shirt.  I'm not sure if they're sold in any of his shops, but the girls hold onto them like treasure, wearing them season in and season out.  This season is black w/ splattered paint in layers and a purple heart.  Above and below are Alyona and Imogen, both "It Girls" themselves, following the end of the show.


BEST in show

The hair at McQueen says it all but comes in number 2 for best hair of the season.  That honor has to go to Eugene Soulemain at Hussein Chalayan.  You decide, but the innovation is truly remarkable.  At first when I saw this, I assumed it was inspired by speed, a cyclists aerodynamic racing helmut.  But only after picking up a lens cap off the floor, did I see that this helmet was actully structured w/ its own vertebrae!  Hair w/ spine.  Really took me for a loop.  I've known Eugene for years and my favorite for a while was inspired by a willow tree he did for Yohji Yahamoto back in 2003(?) but this one takes the cake.  Judge for yourselves.  The two above are Eugene, the ones below from Paul for McQueen.  Again, it took me a moment to feel this one as the girls were clearly not happy (no eating and drinking only through straws), but after watching the team place the hairs, the concept (and beauty) really came alive.  Just look at the way the hair is situated like vines creeping across the face, really eerie, but beautiful still and very, very McQueen.


The / IT Bag

Every girl wants one and only a few have them. This is the bag of the season. Check out the latest from Balenciaga and then run to the store. It may already be sold out!