HOT Shit

Wanna know what its like to have a hair dryer to your head for 10mins??? Here's some stuff from McQueen in Milan. While it wasn't his best collection, the detail was great, and the shoot turned out well. Let me know if you want to see more..


NEW Year / Milano

Welcome to the new year. We were in Milan for menswear and have just moved on to Paris. Pat and Guido were everywhere weilding their wands to make the boys seem more alive. Funny that the mens shows are so much easier than the womens. Though the pace of the shows may be just as quick, the air around them are much more casual. Maybe it's the guys standing around trying to be cool and unaffected, but everyone seems to have fun. We even managed a few smiles and to get some of the models to loosen up. Though mostly we looked at another straight pant in a cool suit, there were a few stand out collections from Dolce, Jil Sander, Gucci, and Calvin Klein. Here are some highlights.