"YOU'RE where?"

"Hotel de Ville! Not around, near, or the metro - but inside!" "What?! For a show?"

This was the conversation I had with a friend about an hour before the Dries van Noten show in March.  I actually have been there for a show and a photo exhibit once, but few really get to enjoy it from within its grand halls.  So first, I must thank you, Dries, for bringing us inside.  Also, I'm sorry but it was me who put his light set-up on the really expensive chairs.  [He was pissed, but we had a good laugh about it later. ]

The collection was great and I can only wonder where we'll end up next season..


BACK with a bang/

Balmain.  My first show in Paris this season and a great way to come back to you!  Everyone is still in love with this house and so am I.  It all starts out innocently enough w/ simple hair and lounging around the hallways of Le Grand Hotel but as soon as first looks are called..  BAM!  The girls come to life and the game is on!