64 colors/

And then some! I've just been looking at my film from the past season and the makeup at Marc Jacobs was really out of this world. I mean, there were 60 girls and each had their own unique look.

Francois Nars did the makeup himself after a long show absence and Guido perfected the [hair after lord knows how many hours the night before]. People will be looking at the clothes for months to come, but the beauty should never be forgotten.


MCCartney / vs / MCQueen

How do you even begin to compare a leather and vegan collection? If you know what's good for you, you don't!

If you're backstage you love them all. And if you're a model, you wear the T-shirts! Both Stella and Lee gave the girls these goodies this year and if you haven't seen them yet... its because you haven't looked here. Below, for your viewing pleasure, the McQueen Blue Skull and Stella Ace of Hearts:



One of the best shows of the season was also one of the hardest to shoot. Crammed into a little corner, I had to prop myself up on a chair just to get a clear shot. Still, what I saw was beautiful and below is some of that. 3 cheers to Riccardo Tischi for not only presenting a strong collection but also for using one of the most diverse castings - evident w/ newer girls, older faces, black, white, and Indian.



Haider Ackermann / Jermey Scott / Ann Demeulemeester / Sophia Kokosalaki / JPG // where to begin?? They were all fantastic and they all deserve a spot in your closet! Here's a small little selection. More to come, but first I have to sleep. Tomorrow is brutal.



The backstage this season has been tough. Lots of photogs and lots of small spaces. Balmain was no exception. We had to shoot in the basement of the cavernous Ritz hotel because the girls were literally changing in a hallway. Add to that makeup, hair, stylists and dressers and you get even smaller spaces with no exit but the runway.

If you like things that sparkle though [and every girl does], you'll love the collection. Look at Style.com for the whole thing and down below for a little shine:



Arrived to Paris today to see the Gareth Pugh video presentation and a beautiful collection from Kris van Assche. Photos coming soon, but so tired and Balenciaga in the morning. Please send pillows...


The Gift of MARNI/

8am is never really an easy time to be anywhere. Yet season in and season out, Consuelo Castiglione welcomes us to her collection w/ a smile, a warm cup of coffee, and a little gift bag for the girls to tote around Milano, Paris, and points thereafter:

Maybe it's the hospitality or maybe it's the fantastic collection, but this show is definitely worth the wake-up call. The girls, though tired from fittings and rehersals the night before, really come to life as soon as the they fill the shoes and the accessories are draped down their neck. This season, besides heels and necklaces [which are omnipresent], she featured cute little fur mittens [making the girls even more adorable]!