WHEN good photographers / go bad

"Greg," I'm told, "lets do the photo, but I want to have a cigarette first." "Sure," I respond, "find me when you're back." Many minutes go by, and many more after that... and something just doesn't seem right. The Preen show is waiting for a line up but where are the girls? Where are the girls?!

That's it, I've had enough. I kick in the door to the women's restroom, and amongst a sea of horrific screams, I find 8 of the most beautiful girls - chatting, smoking, and shrieking w/ laughter! Now girls will be girls, but with guns blazing like an 80s action movie, I shot holes in the room. Here's a pic from the blood bath, smoke, laughter and all:  
Preen by the way, one of the best shows of the day.