BEST in show

The hair at McQueen says it all but comes in number 2 for best hair of the season.  That honor has to go to Eugene Soulemain at Hussein Chalayan.  You decide, but the innovation is truly remarkable.  At first when I saw this, I assumed it was inspired by speed, a cyclists aerodynamic racing helmut.  But only after picking up a lens cap off the floor, did I see that this helmet was actully structured w/ its own vertebrae!  Hair w/ spine.  Really took me for a loop.  I've known Eugene for years and my favorite for a while was inspired by a willow tree he did for Yohji Yahamoto back in 2003(?) but this one takes the cake.  Judge for yourselves.  The two above are Eugene, the ones below from Paul for McQueen.  Again, it took me a moment to feel this one as the girls were clearly not happy (no eating and drinking only through straws), but after watching the team place the hairs, the concept (and beauty) really came alive.  Just look at the way the hair is situated like vines creeping across the face, really eerie, but beautiful still and very, very McQueen.